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Thanks for making our calendar more complete. Please fill in the form below to add your event.
Please note that your event will not show on the calendar until approved by the calendar administrator.

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  1. Select the calendar you would like the item posted to from the drop down list.
  2. Select the type that you think best describes your event.
  3. Be sure to put the name (or role) of a contact, and their phone number or EMail address in the contact information fields.
  4. If you have a URL to a web page with more information about the event, put that URL in the Addl. Info URL field.
  5. In the long description field, place additional information about your event. Information you may want to include would be location, attendees, or other pertinent information. You can put HTML in here, but no scripting calls.
  6. If your event repeats on a regular schedule (i.e. the 2nd Thursday of each Month), place that information in the Recurrence Info field, be sure to enter any exceptions, or times when you won't be following that schedule as well. Also, if you have a starting and ending date for the recurrence, put that in too.
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